Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! My spoiler-free review

Arrrgggh I know I haven’t posted here in 50 years, and this totally wasn’t the blog post I’d planned, BUT HERE WE ARE.

I’m a little late. My boyfriend and I saw it in theaters tonight. And I have so much to say! So then. Here we go!

First of all…

See it *now* while it’s in theaters, because the big screen does justice to its visual beauty. I wish I had better vocabulary to describe the style and the vibrant, vivid colors. The movie yanks out from the screen, plucks you from your seat, and drops you into the comic book world. The animation is stunning, clever, and quirky, and I’m pretty sure I only blinked maybe three times throughout the whole film.

I’m kind of tough to please when it comes to movies, and I surprised myself when I was genuinely shocked when [BIG PLOT TWIST] happens. In retrospect, the foreshadowing was definitely there. So when it DID happen, I was immediately able to connect all the dots, and it made sense. That was so well done. πŸ’–

The pacing was good. Initially, I thought it was weird that so many characters just sort of accepted these fantastic things happening without questioning much… but this is Marvel. In Spider-Man’s neck of the woods, I’m sure by then, everyone’s seen some shit.

And can we talk about Miles himself? Firstly, his heritage, at least a little
It’s 2018, and there are still people who don’t know (or don’t want to acknowledge) that Afro-latinos exist. And I think the movie does a wonderful (and subtle) way of showcasing this, as it pertains to his character. You see it in his parents. You see it in the way he briefly interacts with his friends from his old school. AND LOOK AT HIS HAIR. THE KINKS ARE THERE. I LOOKED AT THE SCREEN AND KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HIS HAIR FELT LIKE.

Anyhoo! I think Miles was believable and relatable, and there was never a time where I thought he did something out of character.

The only thing that turned me off about the film was the whole boy-of-color falling for the white girl trope. I’m sick to death of it, and I have been since 2007, when I read “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian”….. after watching “American Dragon: Jake Long” in 2005. But I’m not here to grumble about my hang-ups about this trope~

That said… I do really like Gwen Stacy. She is quite badass, as she should be.

I also realize there is a time limit to films, and there is ample information in ample comics, but I wanted to get to know the characters better.

What they did, and what I thought was terribly clever, was use the same quick (and witty and visually stunning) intro for each character. It was so charming. I was intrigued enough to look them up immediately after the movie (I can’t tell you who they are without slight spoliers) because I was so fascinated.

On that note, another hangup of mine is that it got a little *too* silly at times. For the most part, the humor was spot on, though. I don’t have much to complain about there.

Kingpin’s motivation was believable. A bit clichΓ©, but believable, and I would have been more sympathetic toward him if the film had given it more detail. Again, I know you can’t put everything from the comics into the movies. But hey! This serves as an incentive for viewers to read the comic books if they want more, I guess. πŸ˜…

I just… I just WANT MORE.

This movie tugged at my heart strings, and my eyes watered a little… when… things and stuff happened. And it takes a hell of a lot for a movie to make me care so much about a film that I’m on the verge of tears. πŸ’–

And that is partially why the ending is so satisfying for me.

Another reason the ending struck a chord with me is that, as should be no surprise, Miles was able to overcome his shortcomings — due in large part to the tear-jerker things — in a real underdog-wins-all-the-stuff sort of way. His emotional struggle was palpable, and his victory felt earned (within the timeframe that
the film would allow, anyway). ❀

Finally, the soundtrack was done well. 😌

For me, personally, I’ll have to give this movie an A- 😌😌

Oh, and the post-credit scene was pretty great.